About Us

Being a commuting mum in London, I had to juggle a lot of responsibilities. Always rushing to get home for bedtime, I was starting to feel I was missing out on this precious time with my daughter. Trying to make sure we were eating nutritious meals together as a family was just one more thing taking far too much of this precious time.

So, when an opportunity came up to move to Cornwall, we decided to pack and go, taking our dreams down to the sea, where we could create healthy, time-saving foods for parents and children.

One of the things that was vitally important to us was to source local suppliers for our ingredients. We found award-winning suppliers and amazing produce and we relished the chance to help enrich the local community.

Though it had been scary to start a new adventure, we’d found a place where we could create a balanced lifestyle that we wanted to reflect that in the food we were making, sharing new flavours with other people.

I am still rushed off my feet that has never stopped, especially looking after a three year old, but I really treasure the time we now have together as a family, sitting around the table, enjoying delicious, balanced dishes together. It’s these moments that we’ll treasure for a lifetime, not just a meal time.

We want to make eating, tastier, healthier and for people to enjoy great flavours but lack time to cook from scratch. Saving time in the kitchen gives you more time to enjoy the people and food you love.